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Closing Chamber Angle with Rubeosis Iridis

Date of publication : 17/05/37

Publisher : الموقع

Diagnosis: Closing Chamber Angle with Rubeosis Iridis
Comment to photo: Beginning closure of the chamber angle by neovascularization. Fuchs's roll gets attached to the trabecular meshwork as seen in the lower right of the picture. A pseudo-narrow angle develops with decreasing depth of the anterior chamber.
Author(s): Naumann, G.O.H., Prof. Dr. med., Univ.-Augenklinik, Erlangen, Germany
ICD10-Code: H21.1
Path: Anterior Chamber -> Anatomy of Chamber Angle (see: Iris and Ciliary Body, Glaucomas)
Additional keywords: secondary angle-closure glaucoma
Image ID: 6629


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